Want to compete with other XC ski masters? Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry. You’re in the right place because cross country skiing for Masters athletes is booming.

Many aging XC ski masters are taking on the challenge to compete in a Nordic ski race. This isn’t only the case in Europe but also in the USA and Canada.

And this boom didn’t just happen from Corona restrictions over a period of two ski seasons. It has been going on strong for quite some time despite the climate change.

So, stay tuned, because competing in a friendly way with fellow XC ski Masters could be something for you too.

At the finish line of the planoiras swiss loppet race

I’m always astounded to see the excitement of students when I teach them how to glide over snow with ease.

Because sporting activity thrives on comparison. The comparison with oneself, with peers, and with age group competitors.

If you are sporty, you may have the desire to ski faster by becoming more powerful. And to get that, you need good technique, besides the desire to exercise.

You want to know where your strengths lie but also where your weaknesses are and how you can improve them.

For first assessment, an experienced training partner may be of help. But for an ongoing guidance, an experienced coach as your contact person is the better choice. 

If you're a xc ski master, we can show you too how to prepare with a time efficient summer training plan! 

So, who qualifies as a “XC ski masters endurance athlete"? Any recreational athlete that is older than 30 years and takes part in sports events.

Your Nordic ski background and ambition play an important part for such an adventure. For this reason, competition can take a progressive range of forms:

60-65 age-group category at the XC ski Masters World Cup in Klosters, Switzerland

  • Recreational competition
  • Competition against yourself only
  • Competition against other in your age group
  • Competition for rankings

A typical cross country ski Master athlete prepares to take part in ski competitions. He would never jump into competitions with no previous training.

And so should you, because it is a lot more fun to enter a ski event that you registered in. And that requires you to be in good mental and physical shape.

A common problem of most XC Ski Masters is that their goals are uncertain, vague, and undefined.

With a clever training plan for the upcoming ski season, you can improve your level of fitness.

It will help you bring Nordic skiing to a higher level. For ex: How and when do you use the different gears to maintain your speed?

Don’t worry! Efficient gliding over snow with proper technique is not that hard, it’s lots of fun – and we will do it together!

Our relais team at the Masters World Cup in Beitostoelen, Norway

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place?

  • How can I gain more clarity to achieve my sport goals?

  • How can I get the accountability and support I need to get the training done?
  • How can I slow down the effects of aging and increase vitality?
  • How can I find the time

Do you still have a competitive spirit? And are you still enthusiastic to experience a competitive atmosphere?

What's stopping you to feel the excitement to take part with like-minded age-group competitors? You will gain memories and adventures that will last you a lifetime.

Best of all, XC skiing with like-minded masters will bring you together. What more can you ask for?

I’m looking forward with pleasure to your company – and someday to meet you out cross-country skiing!