Kaestle RX10 2-0 Skate

The Kaestle RX10 2-0 Skate is an extremely light racing ski for competitions

With the Kaestle RX10 2-0 Skate, this ski manufacturer delivers the second lightest skating ski model in this test. The ski company Kaestle is better known to alpine skiers. Because at the beginning of this millennium, Kaestle caused a revolution in alpine skis with HOLLOWTECH technology. Now the company follows the same consistent approach in the Nordic sector Hollowtech 2.0 system.

Because of its low weight and the powerful blade pressure, it results in a direct gliding behavior. Therefore, this ski racing model shines with good gliding capacities.

In fact, it could fast convert your finely honed technique into higher speed and give you the chance to achieve podium places in your age group.

Kaestle RX10 2.0 SkateThe RX10 2.0 Skate is Kaestle's top cross country racing ski

The WC Race Plus ski base is designed for the slightly warmer conditions like we have here in Central Europe.  This will give you optimal performance in the temperature range between +10°C and -10°C. The skis are first sanded by hand before they are shipped and thus guarantees optimal quality.

When we skied uphill, we noticed a slight breakaway at the tail. However, this isn’t the case on high-speed sections where the RX10 2.0 Skate ski has good downhill behavior.

It is also to say that when I wanted to bring the ski up to speed like say in a sprint, it required more effort and is comparatively high.

On the other hand, on flat terrain, we all agreed that the Kaestle RX10 2-0 Skate has very good gliding capacities. I assume and I hear that from other ski testers as well, that the RX10 2.0 ski base wasn’t among the fastest in soft snow conditions.

Overall, I would say that with the development of the RX10 2-0, Kaestle did a lot right and once again reduced the gap to the leading manufacturing ski companies.

So, if you are looking for a stable, light weight skate ski with good handling characteristics and without much ambitious for ski racing, you are in good hands with Kaestle. And if you are a powerful XC skier with a high technical level, then the RX10 2.0 Skate ski should suit you particularly well.

Technical specifications


Race Skating

Tested length:                     



1008g / 192cm

Weight with Binding:   


Available Lengths:               

177 / 182 / 187 / 192cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail:  

41/44/44 mm 


Not inclusive

Selling Price:                        

From $US / EUR 549

Test result


9 of 10

Push off behavior                  

8 of 10

Gliding ability                        

7 of 10

Insertion behavior                 

7 of 10

Curving behavior                  

8 of 10

Downhill behavior                 

10 of 10


8 of 10

Overall grade

The lightweight Kaestle RX10 2-0 Skate ski has a few weaknesses but still deserves 5 stars.

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