Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus

The Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus – a ski with outstanding gliding and control properties

The Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus is the only ski in the test field equipped with waxable sidewalls. It is a well-balanced skating ski with that typical Fischer character. If you have ever skied on a pair of Fischer skis, you know that it takes little demand on strength and technique.

The Fischer ski manufacturing company has been in the market for a long time. The hole in the shovel of Fischer skate skis has long been one of Fischer’s unique selling points. Just like Atomic is trying to do now with its new sidewall innovation "Racewall".

During testing, the Speedmax 3D Skate Plus proved to be the model with the most balanced running behavior. The smoothness, acceleration, agility and the required use of force are matched to perfection.

Of the five tested skate racing skis, the Fischer Speedmax 3D Plus has the longest tip and the shortest tail. The acceleration is a little smoother than the other models. But I find that the Salomon Carbon Skate comes closest in that regard.

But, there is no other ski as easy to control as the Speedmax 3D Plus, even at high speeds. And even with a ski length of 191cm, I can claim that this high-end XC racing ski is very agile in curves. And it affects in no way the gliding characteristics.

I can’t criticize Fischer’s top skate racing ski model, or I would complain at a very high level. Under certain circumstances, some XC ski racers may miss the last bit of quickness when accelerating. But most skiers probably don’t notice that. However, the ski compensates this with outstanding gliding and control properties. 

The Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate is the most used skate racing ski on the world cup circuit. But even recreational XC skiers often prefer the Speedmax to other models.

For this reason, the almost perfect balance makes Fischer’s top skate ski interesting for a wide target group.

The demands that the ski places on its skiers are rather low compared to the other top models. There are hardly any real weaknesses with this ski model.

I have been using Fischer skis, both for classic and skating for years and am very pleased with them.

Technical specifications


Race Skating

Tested length:                     



1030g / 191cm

Weight with Binding: 

1329g (Turnamic Binding)

Available Lengths:               

171 / 176 / 186 / 186 / 191cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail:

41/44/44 mm 


Not inclusive

Selling Price:

From $US 800 / EUR 600

Test Result


9 of 10

Push off behavior

9 of 10

Gliding ability

9 of 10

Insertion behavior

9 of 10

Curving behavior

9 of 10

Downhill behavior

9 of 10


9 of 10

Overall Grade

The Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus - a top racing ski that is easy to handle.

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