Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D

With the Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D, you have World Cup material on your feet.

If you are in the market for a top-rated skin ski, look no further than the Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D. The Fischer manufacturing ski company has been in the market for many decades and equips many of the National ski team members as well as Visma long-distance ski marathon professionals.   

The Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D has two separate skin strips that are arranged in an offset positions with variable base depths for smooth and balanced gliding. Not all skin skis ensure a reliable kick action, especially in hard or icy snow conditions as the Speedmax 3D does.

But thanks to the unique Teflon coating of the skins, moisture absorption and subsequent icing are considerably minimized.

The length of the skins can’t be adapted to the snow conditions. For this reason, it is an advantage to have mounted Fischer’s adjustable TURNAMIC® binding, which you can set to an individual position.

If you move the binding forward, you will get more grip and avoid slipping and therefore climb the hills easier. If you move them to the rear, you will notice better gliding properties.

Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3DThe Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D is easy to handle even if your technique isn't as good

And if you leave it in the center position, you may still get enough grip and good glide and are ideally equipped for all conditions. So, this is the same as with all other movable ski binding systems.

Note: Unlike the Prolink integrated Shift-In binding from Atomic, you must take your skis off from the boot to adjust the binding. Personally, I believe that the Prolink binding is easier and faster to adjust. But in most cases, it’s not a factor and many skiers prefer the TURNAMIC binding.

As far as the test results go, the Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D comes close to the Atomic Twintec ski regarding performance. During skiing up-hills, we never experienced any slipping backwards when we had the movable binding system set in the front position.

Despite that, the Twin Skin Speedmax couldn’t convince me in this category, because here, too, you have to pay attention to the absolute right weight class when buying. When this ski is too soft, it tends to pluck immediately due to the aggressive skin.

In any case, the Fischer is a neutral ski that is easy to ski with little technical demands. And if you like to ski long distances where your technique tends to decline towards the end, you will find the Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D your friend.

Technical Specification


Race Classic No-Wax

Weight Length:                          

1030g / 197cm

Available Length:                      

187 / 192 / 197 / 202 / 207cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail:               

41 / 44 / 44mm


100% Mohair

Selling Price:                            

From EUR 629.00 / $ 849.95

Test Result



Push-off Behavior                    


Insertion Behavior                   


Gliding Ability                          


Curving Behavior                    


Downhill Behavior                   




Overall Grade                        

The Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax 3D is race ready if you are!


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