Kaestle RX10 Skin

The Kaestle RX10 Skin ski has its strength in gliding and downhill behavior

With the Kaestle RX10 Skin, the company brings a competition ski from the professional sector 1:1 into series production for the first time. Now the Kaestle (Kästle written in german) ski manufacturer has been producing cross country skis for over 30 years.

But in the World Cup cross-country sector, Kaestle is back on the Nordic scene with its own race division since 2018 with three lines of cross-country skis. It’s a firstthat Kästle is taking real World Cup competition XC skis into series production thereby making attributes for outstanding performance.

These translates to maximum transfer of power and precision available to all cross-country ski athletes looking for superior speed. 

A carbon-reinforced honeycomb core and the torsion box made of paulownia wood make the RX10 Skin classic a light ski.

In fact, it’s the lightest skin ski in the category “Race Classic No-Wax” and very fast for competition. The striking rebound guarantees maximum energy efficiency when you are out skiing.

The Kaestle RX10 Skin is the lightest ski in the category "Race Classic No-Wax"The Kaestle RX10 Skin still needs improvement in the push-off phase, but shines with its gliding ability and in downhills

However, you should know how to use it.

The climbing zone is almost ideally placed, and the gliding zones are convincing thanks to the performance finish made by hand. And that showed the extraordinary gliding characteristics right from the beginning of the testing phase.

Only on uphills, the grip of the Kaestle RX10 Skin wasn’t perfect in some sections. In steep hard-packed or icy conditions for example, I experienced slipping. So, the push-off behavior still needs improvement.

But I’m really surprised by its downhill behavior, which felt like I was high-speed on a pair of Kaestle skate race skis.  

They are compatible with Rottefella New Nordic Norm (NNN) bindings. And these RX10 also comes with integrated NIS mounting plates without screws for a very natural flex.

Overall, Kaestle has come out with high-end racing skis with World Cup performance for advanced and elite skiers. But also for those who want to undertake the first steps with a skin ski - why not the Kaestle RX10 Skin.


Technical Specification


Race Classic No-Wax

Weight Length:                          

980g / 196cm

Available Length:                       

188 / 196 / 204cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail:                

41 / 44 / 44mm


100% Mohair

Selling Price:                             

From EUR 499.- / no US prices available

Test Result


8 of 10

Push-off Behavior                    

7 of 10

Insertion Behavior                   

8 of 10

Gliding Ability                          


Curving Behavior                    

8 of 10

Downhill Behavior                   



8 of 10

Overall Grade                        

The Kaestle RX10 Skin requires more strength and a better technique like the Rossignol Premium R-Skin.

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