Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip

Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip – works best in flat terrain and is easy to control 

The Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip benefits from the composition of the Redline 3.0 Classic Plus World Cup ski. The only difference lies in the grip zone, which is of course replaced with a mohair strip making grip wax unnecessary.  

On this race classic ski category, the grip zone is equipped with the Intelligrip skin system, which is what Madshus says should be one of the most efficient worldwide. So, the IntelliGrip system is an integrated, replaceable skin that guarantees both grip and glide for all types of skiers.

When they designed the Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip classic ski, the ski manufacturer completely reconstructed their approach to the ski camber design. Since double poling became an increasingly important factor in classic skiing, it was essential for the Norwegian company to produce a more efficient skin ski in flat sections.  

For this reason, Madshus raised the camber of the Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip to reduce the friction between the kick zone and the snow. Furthermore, the company has also worked on the dynamics of the skin ski. That way the ski responds better when engaging forward in the double pole kick and the double pole techniques.

And they also packed the PR 100X core in a triaxial carbon construction, which offers astonishing dynamic characteristics. And therefore, the ski also responds superbly to each push in the axis.

However, during testing I noticed that when my weight in thrust was distributed over both skis, that the raised camber und the center of gravity didn’t ensure a substantial gain in glide. On contrary, I found the short mohair strip in the grip zone too aggressive, which particularly affected the glide.

It was helpful that the skin ski came with a mounted Rottefella Move System Race on test ski. This concept allowed me to move the binding either back or forth to provide more glide or better grip.

Switching the “binding move system” to the back position made a significant difference in the glide. In uphill sections, I got even good grip when left in the same position. In fact, I got too much grip while skiing uphill. 

But since you can choose the flex of the skis and replace the skin for a less aggressive mohair piece, I don’t consider it a big factor. I’m sure that there would be a remarkable difference in glide and grip with the right ski flex according to your weight and a finer skin on your base.    

Nevertheless, the Intelligrip Race skin ski offers a good glide/grip ratio and makes skiing very accessible. The P300 Nano Plus ski base is perfectly suited to common snow conditions known as Klister on classic wax skis.

That is to say, thawed snow that has re-frozen, which represents close to 90% of the snow conditions in Central Europe.

Except for the too aggressive mohair skin piece on testing day, the Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip received good marks for the other criteria. Of course, a skin ski of this scope demands a precise technical skill.

But if you are careful to transfer your weight smoothly from one ski to the other, it is a real pleasure. 

Technical Specification


Race Classic No-Wax

Weight Length:                          

930g / 192cm

Available Length:                      

182 / 187 / 192 / 197 / 202 / 207cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail:                

43 / 44 / 44mm


100% Mohair

Selling Price:                             

From EUR 579.95 / $ 800.00

Test Result


8 of 10

Push-off Behavior  

8 of 10

Insertion Behavior                   

9 of 10

Gliding Ability                          

7 of 10

Curving Behavior                    

8 of 10

Downhill Behavior                   

7 of 10


9 of 10

Overall Grade      

The Madshus Redline 3 Intelligrip has a bit too much grip affecting the glide. The finer Mohair Race skin will push this ski from a 4 to a 5-star rating.

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