6 Best Skate Skis for Beginners and  Advanced Skiers - A Review

Skate skis for beginners are more in demand than ever - this is why?

Last year, skate skis for beginners as well as for recreational skiers were difficult to get. This was less because of Corona restrictions, but fortunately because of the immense sales of cross-country skiing equipment and accessories.

The violent reversal and the ongoing trend towards Nordic skiing instead of alpine skiing should no longer come as a surprise.

If you looked at the cross-country trails last winter here in Europe, you not only saw a colorful mixture of newcomers and old master skiers, but also in terms of gender and age.

At the same time, this pushed the number of skaters back up again. They hadn't quite been able to keep up during the skin ski boom.

On this page, we are looking for the best skate skis in the Category "Sport Skating", who would target beginners or a bit more advanced skate skiers.

Name: Carol

XC Ski Experience: No practical experience, only through watching

Fitness Level: Fitness below-average and healthy non-athlete

Hi I'm...

Carol.. I'm the wife of James and I'm going on a ski vacation with him for the twelfth time. When he does his laps, I usually go for a walk.

Until now - because although I'm not really motivated to train hard in any way, I would like to make my husband happy and at least share the house-round with him.

I'm sure it's good for me too, and I can get around further than on a walk. Learning new movements is not a problem for me.

I'm also looking for a cheaper pair of skate skis.  That way it will at least get me where I want to be without my husband around.

That's why I like to ski with Emma, a new gained friend who I met on the ski slopes last season. She changed from down-hill- to cross-country skiing and likes the freestyle technique a lot. 

So, I'm looking for a pair of skate skis for beginners and found out that there are quite a few choices.

Atomic Pro S1

Atomic Pro S1The Atomic Pro S1 ski is one of the cheapest options for beginning skate skiers

Category: Sport Skating

Weight / Length: 1170g /186cm

Length / Skier's Weight: 173 / 180 / 186 / 192cm (45 - 100+ kg)

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 43 / 43 / 43mm

Technical Features: Thanks to the "High Densolite Core", the ski is extremely easy to control. "Easy Edge" Sidecut, "Double Groove" in the skibase and "BI 2000" universal base.

Recommended Binding: Prolink Pro SK

Costs: From Euro 169.99 / $144.95

What Rene says: The Atomic Pro S1 are skate skis for beginners as well as for ambitious and lighter skiers.

The skis are light and at the same time very stable. And they are equipped with the "Easy-Edge Sidecut", which significantly optimizes stability and control.

The wide geometry and the ski base with double grooves enable powerful, efficient side kicks and long, stable gliding phases at the same time.

Conclusion: The Pro Skate is one of the cheapest options for sporty cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, the ski is not really convincing in all respects and also places high demands on strength and technique in order to be moved in a sporty way.

Madshus Active Skate

Madshus Active Skate SkiThe Madshus Active Skate ski is one of the cheapest options for beginning skate skiers

Category: Sport Skating

Weight / Length: 1184g / 187cm

Length / Skier's Weight: 167 / 172 / 177 / 182 / 187 / 192cm (from 45 - 95kg)

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 44 / 40 / 44mm

Technical Features: "Paulownia-Wood-Carbon-Hybrid", "P-TEX 2000 Electra" fitted ski base.

Recommended Binding: Rottefella Performance

Costs: From Euro 154.95 / $ 295.00

What Rene says: The Active Skate is engineered for easy handling and solid performance. The ski will accelerate your learning curve and get you enjoying free gliding as quickly as possible while keeping up with the inevitable progression of your skill.

The improved confidence that beginners like you and intermediates get results in a more efficient and dynamic push-off as well as a longer and more comfortable glide phase.

Conclusion: The wide sidecut at the tip and tail is very similar to Atomic's new top model. This should prevent the edge from breaking out if the side push-off is not clean. These Madshus Active Skate skis are definitely skate skis for beginners.

Nordics Aschberg Performance Skate

The Nordics Aschberg Performance Skate skiThe Nordics Aschberg Performance Skate ski may be for you if you have deficits in terms of technique

Category: Sport Skating

Weight / Length: 1220g / 185cm

Length / Skier's Weight: 157cm (34 - 44kg), 167cm (42 - 49kg), 177cm (49 - 64kg), 185cm (64 - 83kg), 193cm (83 - 98kg)

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 43 7 45 / 44mm

Technical Features: "Extra light Wood Core", Fibreglas Laminate, "Nano Race" ski base with universal cut.

Recommended Binding: All types of bindings possible

Costs: From Euro 259.00 / $ 350.99

What Rene says: The wood core with its slight preload for beginners and advanced as well as skiers with deficits in terms of skiing technique is not only relatively light, but also very durable and tension stable.

The nano racing base is used on many racing skis. This absorbs wax quickly and enables low sliding friction for high speeds.

This means that quick after-work laps with colleagues or ski races are possible without any problems. Due to the universal grinding also at different temperatures and types of snow.

The ski forgives mistakes, is good-natured in handling and is also an exotic on the ski slopes, you should definitely have fun with it.

Conclusion: Wood as a base material for skate skis for beginners. Sounds simple, has its justification. The Aschberg suits skiers who are not planning to race or tempo train in the medium term, but still want a bit of agility.

Salomon RS10 "Vitane"

The Salomon RS10 "Vitane" - the perfect skate ski for women.The Salomon RS10 "Vitane" is ideal if you if you aren't a total newbie to cross country skiing and feel a bit more secure in the gliding phase.

Category: Sport Skating

Weight / Length: 1100g / 192cm

Length / Skier's Weight: 170 (35-55kg), 177 (45-65kg), 182 (50-70kg) 187cm (60 - 80kg)

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 44 / 43 / 44mm               

Technical Features: Ultralight composite honeycomb core with carbon, fiberglass wrapping and thin wooden sidewalls, "G5 World Cup" base

Recommended Binding: Prolink Shift-In

Costs: From Euro 399.99 / $ 479.95 inclusive binding

What Rene says: The Salomon RS10's are ideal skate skis for beginners. It combines the advantages of the famous S/Lab skate. However, the ski is equipped with a forgiving, lightweight D-Carbon core for easier handling and more stability.

With a "G5 World Cup" base, it ensures fast gliding in all conditions. By the way, the "Vitane" is progressively designed for women.

Conclusion: The RS10 Vitane are the ideal skate skis for beginners, but also for advanced skiers.

Fischer RCR Skate

Fischer RCR Skate skiThe Fischer RCR Skate is like the Salomon RS10 not for beginners who are for the first time on snow.

Category: Sport Skating

Weight / Length: 1190g /186cm

Length / Skier's Weight: 171 / 176 / 181 / 186 / 191cm (medium and stiff camber from 45 - 99kg)

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 41 / 44 / 44mm

Technical Features: Lightweight "Air Core Basalite Pro" that improves efficiency. World Cup Pro base with stone grind finish for top glide and easy waxing

Recommended Binding: Turnamic Race Skate IFP

Costs: From Euro 239.90 / $369.99

What Rene says: The RCR skate is the high-quality alternative to Fischer's race models. Its matted surface makes it an optical highlight and you will like it.

Thanks to the Basalite Pro core, the ski is very light and gives you stability when gliding. The base with the World Cup Plus finish ensures little gliding resistance even in warmer weather - the best prerequisites for keeping up with your man even without perfect technique.

Conclusion: Fischer combines technical elements from race ski models with beginner-friendly, significantly reduced preload and a wide range of uses in terms of snow conditions. It's not the cheapest, but with a lot of potential for learning.

Rossignol Delta Sport Skating

The Rossignol Selta Sport Skating is ideal for beginners.The Rossignol Delta Sport Skating is a defused sport version and perfect for beginners as well as advanced skiers.

Category: Sport Skating

Weight / Length: 1260g / 180cm

Length / Skier's Weight: 173cm (40  60kg), 180cm (55 - 80kg), 186cm (65 - 85kg), 192cm (80 - 95kg)

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 40 / 44 / 43mm

Technical Features: "Honeycomb Core", Active Cap Technology, "K7000 WC" ski base

Recommended Binding: Turnamic Race Skate IFP

Costs: From Euro 200.00 / $319.95

What Rene says: The Delta Sport Skating from Rossignol is aimed in particular at beginners and people from other sports who want to stay fit during the winter. The ski has been completely redesigned.

The new honeycomb core guarantees you an outstanding degree of ease and, above all, skiing experience. The Active Cap offers a balanced mix of torsional rigidity and a smooth flex.

Its shape ensures easier handling and good snow feel for effortless skating even in heavy snow and trail conditions.

Conclusion: The Delta Sport Skating are fun starter skate skis for beginners or for someone getting into the sport. Rossignol Delta models are considered to be one of the sportiest entry options. The defused "Sport" version seems ideal for letting off steam.

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