The Madshus Redline 3-0 Skate F2

Madshus Redline 3-0 Skate F2 – a top glider in flat ski trails

The Madshus Redline 3-0 Skate F2 is the king and almost unbeatable when it comes to skiing straight and gliding gently. The rigidity of the tip section and the good smoothness properties make the ski the perfect companion in less demanding terrain.

Compared to other top racing ski models, the Redline 3.0 has a rather low camber. For this reason, the ski lies reasonably flat in the snow.

Therefore, the dynamic and quick-reacting camber of the Redline 3.0 F2 makes the ski ideal for hard snow and fast conditions. Whereas the Redline 3.0 Skate F3 is for slower and softer snow conditions.

Between the two models, the F2 is designed with longer pressure zones and a longer groove to improve stability and to maximize top end speed. The F3 skate ski, which is built for softer snow has shorter pressure zones and a revolutionary back-only groove.

Madshus Redline 3.0 Skate F2In flat terrain, the gliding ability of the Madshus Redline 3.0 Skate F2 ski is amazing

The ski has a P300 Nano, which is a somewhat rough surface. Therefore, I recommend that you wax the ski base with several treatments before you use them for the first time.

The high level of directional stability is most beneficial for even less technically experienced cross-country skiers. When skiing uphill, the relatively low weight of 1350 grams per pair was noticeable in the tested length of 192 centimeters.

Nevertheless, the Madshus Redline 3-0 Skate F2 doesn’t prove to be an acceleration miracle. On contrary, the ski reacts a bit sluggish. But that shouldn’t stop you to have a further look where the ski performs great.

In the downhills for example, the Redline 3.0 glides stoically safe. Yet, in winding downhills, it requires a little more control effort.

On uphills, we noticed a slight flapping in the tip section of the ski, which reduced grip. However, I didn’t find that of much concern and you will probably not even notice it.

If you are looking for a ski with perfect gliding properties, you made the right choice with the Redline 3-0 F2 or F3. Especially if you are on the move on rather less demanding and mainly flat ski trails.

Once in motion, this ski model shines with its properties as a gentle glider. This comes handy when you are a less powerful XC skier with technical deficits.

I could imagine using this skate ski in the popular long distance classic ski races here in Europe. Since the racecourses are much flatter, you can just use the double pole technique during the whole race without using grip wax.

Technical specification


Race Skating

Tested length:                     



950g / 192cm

Weight with Binding:  


Available Lengths:               

172 / 177 / 182 / 187 / 192cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail:     



Not inclusive

Selling price:                        

From $US 769 / EUR 579

Test result


8 of 10

Push off behavior                  

9 of 10

Gliding ability                        


Insertion behavior

9 of 10

Curving behavior                   

7 of 10

Downhill behavior                  

9 of 10


8 of 10

Overall grade

The Madshus Redline 3-0 Skate F2 is for hard snow conditions and the Skate F3 is better for soft snow conditions.

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