Salomon S-Lab Carbon eSkin

Salomon S-Lab Carbon eSkin – light and very smooth to handle

The Salomon S-Lab Carbon eSkin is the first skin ski from Salomon. In the 2020 Salomon ski collection, the innovative and successful Carbon Classic ski construction with separate zones is now extended to a version with skins.

The Carbon eSkin was developed to improve both kick and acceleration in classic cross-country skiing. The skins can be changed manually on the cross-country ski trails, i.e. eSkin Race or training skins, which makes you more independent. 

The new S-Lab Carbon eSkin is the lightest skin ski Salomon has ever made and is designed to enable maximum mileage. This is an excellent and safe choice when skiing long distances where snow conditions are constantly changing.

To adapt your settings to the course profile and snow conditions, you can switch your Prolink Shift-In bindings to optimize grip and glide without even getting off your skis. You can turn the shift-in button of the binding directly on the ski to the right for more grip or to the left for more glide.

In the zero position you get a balanced combination of properties. So, the adjustable Shift-In binding should enable you an optimal set-up for every training session under all competition conditions.

In the gliding phase, the Thin Ply Carbon layer strategically positioned in the back of the ski, cambers the ski up and takes pressure off the skin. In the propulsion phase, the low-profile camber allows maximum pressure on the skin for a sensitive and safe push-off.

An ultra-light composite honeycomb core (NOMEX), combined with a carbon and fiberglass coating and thin wooden sidewalls, reduces the weight, and ensures optimal running smoothness.

My conclusion: After testing the S-Lab Carbon skate ski the day before, I wasn’t surprised by the gliding abilities of the Carbon eSkin. The ski is light with excellent downhill and curving abilities. And the insertion and push off behavior of the Salomon S-Lab Carbon eSkin are very smooth too.

Should you ever decide to get a pair of this classic skin skis, you can hang up your old skis as decoration.


Technical Specification


Race Classic No-Wax

Weight Length:                          

990g / 201cm

Available Length:                       

190 / 197 / 202 / 207cm

Width Tip/Middle/Tail: 

44 / 44 / 44mm


Pomocca Race skin or Mohair training skin

Selling Price:                             

From EUR  590.00 / $ 799.00

Test Result


9 of 10

Push-off Behavior                    

9 of 10

Insertion Behavior                   

9 of 10

Gliding Ability                          


Curving Behavior                    

9 of 10

Downhill Behavior                   

9 of 10


9 of 10

Overall Grade

The Salomon S-Lab Carbon eSkin is a top racing ski who can keep up with a wax ski.

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